The Secret Garden Cast List

The Living, associated with Misselthwaite Manor

Archibald Craven

Avery Noyes

Mary Lennox (his niece)
Heidi Burgess

Dickon (a young gardener)
Nate Einhorn

Martha (a chambermaid)
Shelby Swann

Dr. Neville Craven (Archibald's brother)
Alex Milutinovich

Colin Craven (Archibald's son)
Caroline Bennett

Mrs. Medlock (the head housekeeper)
Connor Brown

Ben (the old gardener)
Tyler Heim

Mrs. Winthrop (a headmistress)
Laura Harrison

Jane(a young housemaid)
Rachel Beggins



The Dreamers (Spirits) *

(Archibald's wife)
Willoughby Buxton

Captain Albert Lennox (Mary's father)
Todd Kleppinger

Rose Lennox (Mary's mother)
Haley Poling

Ayah (Mary's nanny in India)
Jennifer Swaine

Fakir (Mary's Swami)
Krystle Ashman

Major Holmes
Timothy Hale

Claire Holmes
Carly Van Lowe

Lieutenant Ian Shaw
Kevin Brown

Alice (Rose's best friend)
Kelly Fossi

Lieutenant Peter Wright
Tyler Heim

Company Dreamers 
Melissa Einhorn
Stacy Helgason
Chris Ortis
Kayla Palmer
Anna Riggio
Bailey Swann

The Dreamer Children
Rachel Beggins
Gillian Lewis
Lauren Merriken
Julie Swaine
Katya Widdell

Dancers(ghosts and sprites)
Melissa Einhorn
Laura Nichols
Lara Prettyman


* The spirits of the house, called The Dreamers, are used in Greek Tragedy fashion throughout the show, not only to express underlying emotion, but also to comment on the progressing plot.