THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY: March 5, 6 & 7 at 7 PM
SUNDAY: March 8 at 3 PM

SMMHS Theater
200 Seymour Avenue in St. Michaels
Adults $10 / Students $5

Enter a world of mystery and enchantment with the drama department at St. Michaels Middle High School as it presents The Secret Garden, based on the beloved book by Frances Hodgson Burnett, with music by Lucy Simon and lyrics/script by Marsha Norman.

Performances are in the new 500-seat theater on the campus of St. Michaels Middle High School, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 5 - 7 at 7 PM and Sunday, March 8 at 3 PM. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students and free for children ages 3 and under, and can be purchased at the door, or in advance at Reeser's Pharmacy in St. Michaels, Crackerjacks in Easton and the SMMHS office, or by calling 410-745-2852.

The Secret Garden is a wonderful romantic story about growth, redemption and discovery.  Set in 1906, it tells the tale of Archibald Craven, an English gentleman who loses his beloved wife and comes to terms with being able to live without her.  Lily suffers a tragic fall from the swing in her garden, living only long enough to give birth to their son Colin.  Ten years later, Lily's sister Rose and her family, household and friends die in a cholera outbreak in colonial India, where her husband, Captain Albert Lennox, is stationed.  Miraculously their daughter Mary survives and is sent to live with her guardian Archibald at Misselthwaite Manor in Yorkshire.  The restless spirits of her life in India accompany Mary to the English moors, and join the love-bound spirit of Lily.  As she struggles to find her place in her new home, Mary meets and develops relationships with Martha, her chambermaid; Dickon, a mystical young gardener; Ben, a wise old gardener; her spoiled invalid cousin, Colin; her melancholy uncle, Archibald; Dr. Neville Craven, Archibald's envious, deceitful younger brother; and Mrs. Medlock, Archibald's sternly protective head housekeeper.  Unbeknownst to all, Neville is slowly poisoning Colin, strategically planning to inherit Archibald's estate.  But Mary innocently thwarts Neville's plans when she discovers the secret garden that has been long neglected -- as she brings the garden back to life, she brings hope and life back to her new home and family, helping to restore Colin's health and, through the influence of the spirits of the house, to heal Archibald's tortured heart.

This production was made possible with support from Talbot County Public Schools, the Talbot County Arts Council, our local business community, and individual donors.