Once on this Island Cast List

TiMoune (17, sweet, loving, innocent, strong willed, peasant girl, growing up)
Lissa Einhorn

Papa Ge (GOD: sly Demon of Death)
Jasper Dudley

Asaka (GODDESS: sassy Mother of the Earth)
Bailey Swann

Agwe (GODDESS: beautiful, exotic, folky, powerful, electric, pot-stirrer)
Krystle Ashman

Erzulie (GODDESS: beautiful Goddess of Love, gentle but strong)
Emily Campbell

Daniel (19, handsome heir to Armand's fortune, well educated, French)
Stewart Mitchell

Mama Euralie (TiMoune's adoptive mother, warm, loving, not overprotective, peasant)
Julie Swaine

Tonton Julian (TiMoune's adoptive father, loving, loyal, self-sacrificing, peasant)
Ethan White

Andrea (18, beautiful, refined, educated, French fiancé of Daniel)
Hanna Gill

Armand / Father (powerful, educated, French founder of the Island / Daniel's father, proper, dignified)
Elliott Fisher

Madame Armand (Armand's proper, goodhearted, aristocratic wife)
Olesia Vinje

Beauxhomme (Armand's son, Daniel's grandfather, usurped Armand)
Taylor Bennett

Little Girl (a little girl interested in the story of TiMoune)
Emma Myers

Little TiMoune (TiMoune as a little girl)
Kyla Pollard

Company (various peasants and rich townspeople) 
Rainforest Bollero
Grace Coughlan
Sophia Cumbo
Hannah Fountain
Quinn Jennings
Olivia Morris
Alex Spittler