Meet Me in St. Louis Cast List

Esther Smith (17, sweet, loving, innocent, growing up)
Jennifer Swaine

John Truitt (all-American boy, 19, heart throb)
Todd Kleppinger

Mrs. Anna Smith (warm, loving, role model)
Kelly Fossi

Mr. Alonzo Smith (loyal, overworked, out of touch lawyer)
Kevin Brown

Rose Smith (18, proper, strong, a touch bossy)
Shelby Swann

Tootie Smith (precious, impish, age 10)
Lissa Einhorn

Agnes Smith (tomboy, age 13)
Krystle Ashman

Katie (50, Irish, quirky character role, strong, controlling, caring)
Michaela Beggins

Grandpa (eccentric, obsessed with hats, old - 65+)
Stewart Mitchell

Lon Smith (19, cute-handsome, going to Princeton)
Ethan White

Warren Sheffield (21, heir to millions, kind, clueless)
Elliott Fisher

Lucille Ballard, and Company (18, beautiful, sweet, proper)
Laura Harrison

Eve, and Company (strong, frank, women's lib type, thick Southern accent)
Bailey Swann

Beth, and Company (Eve's friend, much sweeter)
Anna Riggio

Ballerina from the Music Box
Laura Nichols


Clinton Badger (bumbling, country young man at Christmas Ball)
Stephen Richardson

PeeWee Drummond (bumbling, short young man at Christmas Ball)
Quinn de la Haye

Sydney Purvis (bumbling, tall, thin young man at Christmas Ball)
Jasper Dudley

Postman (friendly, gentle, kind, wise)
Michael Gross

Motorman (businesslike, commanding)
Jasper Dudley

"Adult" Company Members
Emily Campbell
Caroline Camper
Julie Swaine
Olesia Vinje

"Children" Company Members
Rachel Beggins
Grace Coughlin
Natalie Finch
Lauren Merriken
Taylor Walters