Jekyll and Hyde Cast List

Henry Jekyll (Doctor, Scientist, Humanist)
Nate Einhorn

Edward Hyde(Jekyll's Altered Self)
Nate Einhorn

Lucy Harris(Popular entertainer at the Red Rat)
Heidi Burgess

Emma Carew (Jekyll's fiancé)
Carly VanLowe

Sir Danvers Carew(Emma's father)
Todd Kleppinger

John Utterson(Jekyll's best friend)
Angelo Vinje

Simon Stride(In love with Emma, Board of Governors)
Kevin Brown

Lady Beaconsfield(On the Board of Governors)
Shelby Swann

Lady Proops(On the Board of Governors)
Jennifer Swaine

Lady Savage(On the Board of Governors)
Connor Brown

Nellie (Manager of The Red Rat)
Kelly Fossi

Spider(Owner of The Red Rat)
Tyler Heim

Bishop(On the Board of Governors)
Elliott Fisher

General Lord Glossop(On the Board of Governors)
Ethan White

Poole(Jekyll's faithful butler)
Max Moreau

Priest (Serves under Bishop, officiates wedding)
Laura Harrison

Bissett(The apothecary, also Jekyll's father in Act 1 Scene 1)
Travis Baynard

Showgirl 1
Krystle Ashman

Showgirl 2
Melissa Einhorn

Young Debutantes(The Gossip Ladies)
Caroline Bennett
Caroline Camper
Julie Swaine
Bailey Swann

Stewart Mitchell

Company: (alphabetical order by profession)

Dock Worker
Travis Johnson

Rich Woman
Michaela Beggins

Rich Woman's Eldest Daughter
Rachel Beggins

Rich Woman's Youngest Daughter
Lauren Merriken

Showgirl 3
Ashley Chroniger

Showgirl 4
Anna Riggio

Showgirl 5
Cassidy Campbell

Showgirl 6 (Dancer only)
Laura Nichols

Street People
Poor Woman - Morgan Phillips
Poor Woman - Chloe Scifres
Street Girl -
Cara Clay
Street Girl - Olesia Vinje

A capella wedding song singers, off-stage: Beaconsfield (S), Proops (A), Savage (A), Nellie (S), Bishop (C), Glossop (C), Newsboy (C)